These are the drawings for the paper project.

This is the 1st of the perspective drawings being 1 point perspective

drawing A5

This is the second Drawing which is 2 point perspective.drawing A1

This is 3 point pespectivedrawing A6

The next three images are my attempts of using atmospheric perspectivedrawing A3drawing A4drawing A2

The next six images are all based on the previous drawings however using base materials of neutral tones such as browns and grays.

The goal for these two images was to use lighter and darker shades than the base material.

drawing B1drawing B3

These images were done on the Found Field.drawing B5drawing B6

In these images we were instructed to use mix media so on the first image i used pastels and the second I added a colour to highlight the centre.drawing B4drawing B2

This images was linked to scale. This picture is 1m tall and 45cm wide. I drew the pot the same size in this image as i did the other previous images to illustrate that scale.Large scale drawing




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