Perspective: Group 3

Week three of Perspective was all about Content and how we view it. The moot was:

Customized content will improve productivity and provide characteristic information – However, it will cause people to be less independent

The class discussion included:

-Ads are customized to you already and that trend will only even stronger and more prevalent

-you won’t have a choice in the content you consume

-Predictability allows for the illusion of freedom of choice

My group and I found this moot awfully confusing, so we focused on the second part “it will cause people to be less independent“. Our discussion descended into us talking about how content is already tailored to us and how we can when needed break out from out usual content circles.

PhotoShop 101

On Wednesday (22/03/17) in Creative Technologies class we had our first Photoshop tutorial.

Exercise 1-Colour Swatches: we were tasked to create a swatch that represents a good memory or experience. My memory is my 18th Birthday, I chose these colours because it was a lively and bright night full of alcohol and fun.exercise 1

Exercise 2-Shapes and Layers: We were instructed to create a circle, square and triangle all with a low opacity. I then made a cool little design with the shapes.Class exercise 2

Exercise 3-Clearcut Walls:As a class we were given a blank wall, which we cut out holes from and put some different interiors into. I added a door, poster, hallway and a brick wall.exercise 3

Exercise 4-Blend Modes: We used blend tools. In this one i used “multiply” to get rid of all whites and leave behind the blacks. So in this case leaving behind the black chess pieces.

exercise 4