Rapid Design

As I was away the week that we had this session, Shane was my fill in partner and luckily helped me throughout the process and filled in any gaps in my Knowledge.

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We were then tasked to answer one of three questions. I choose “What was the most challenging part of the process for you?”

I found the initial ideas the hardest to come up with and this is a trend in all my work but once i have that first idea I think I expand on it well.


InDesign 101

This was my first time dabbling with InDesign and instantly i could see the potential it holds. We created a interactive PDF with a video that should play( most of the classes didn’t and it seemed to be random which PDF’s actually worked)


Interactive PDF-ICIB5301 Week 9


Illustrator 101

In class we learnt the basics of Illustrator

This one is we learnt how to manipulate multiple objects at once and duplicating an image.

Ill exercise 1

This part was to do with the alignment and using the white arrow tool. We just experimented with the tools to gain a further understanding.


This part was our introduction to the vital tool known as the pen tool. where we encircle a one of the two penguins.

Penguin Tracing

Here we dabbled with the path finder tool and then we were tasked to  create a small logo at the bottom of the page


Here we dabbled with the image tracer and all its options such as 16 colours. I also changed the background colours.


Workshop 101

We were instructed to create 1 letter from “bachelor of creative enterprises 2019” in pairs. I partnered up with Nicky and we created two letter/Numbers. I did the 1 and Nicky did the 9.

I started by printing the one off and cutting it out. I then pinned it to some card and cut that out. This was because I was going to use the hot wire to carve foam into my number and the paper was to flimsy as well as it could burn. I pinned the card stencil onto some scrap foam and took it to the hot wire. After 15 minutes of fiddling with the hot wire, and learning how to use it i had created the basic shape of the one. As the hot wire is done by free hand I sanded down the sides to get them some what flat. Later I painted my number black and blue using acrylic paint.


On Wednesday in Creative Technologies class we got a chance to play around with a Nixon D7000. We experimented with Aperture priority and Shutter speed settings. The Aperture settings modified the depth of view,blurring/focusing the background and also changing the amount of light that hit the sensor. The shutter speed settings change how much light got access to the sensor as well as capturing fast movements without blur. Here are our result: