How I got to the Finals

While making my finals I had two routes I was going down. The first was photography based.  This is where I created line work on top of images, initially it mimicked the image but was change to a geometric shape. These led directly into a half  of  my finals

stumpBackground copysmall plant 4

The images above and below greatly influenced the other half of my finals

small plant 3small plant .2_1forrest floor 6forrest floor 5


From the images above I took a different direction, being more illustration based and created a massive amount of variations. Here is are highlights of this route.

I was greatly influenced by the famous artists and designers such as, josef muller brockmann, Idris Khan and Alexey Bogolepov. At the beginning of this assignment I created a small mood board to get a sense of direction of where I wanted my posters to go.




Spring: Research

Within the 4 weeks of Spring research was done along side the actual work. For me this was done through Pinterest . Where I have collected more that 120 images that I think relate to spring or  are similar images to what i have created.

Three specific artist kept coming up while I was researching they were Andre Kertesz , Josef Muller Brockmann and Idris Khan.

Andre Kertesz’s still life’s were extremely similar to my photographs of the the swirling spoon in week 3. The sharp dark shadows are beautiful and cause great contrast. I try to intentionally replicate it in the week 4 rather than by accident before. I think this input into my work is evident in the stacking and layering in the diamond/kite shaped images.

Josef Muller Brockmann’s work has also inspired a lot of the 4th weeks work with the hard contrasts of black and white while making a simple shape complex. This is highlighted in the circle images. My favorite work of Josef are the Beethoven pieces so for inspiration some of my works I tried to use only circles as an experiment to see if i could get anything worth wile (I did).

Idris Khan’s work uses a lot of what looks to be layering of the same image. I like this concept so I applied it to my own work but not as intense except for one where it is directly inspired by him which i think is quite obvious. Idris also plays with the black and white contrast but due to the style of his work its not always as intense as the other that i have discussed nevertheless I still like the work.

Through my research I have discovered that I seem to be obsessed with contrast and not only this work. All my works seem to have an emphasis on extreme black and white contrast that is throughout these artist works.

Spring: part 3

All these images represent Spring in an abstract using items and photography techniques. The pole show a release of energy after being bent.

The spoon has a coil or spring . The shape is a classic shape representing spring.

This object has a shape (the lid/handle) that I have worked with a lot previously on the other spring sessions. It also has a spring function.

This shape has two sides one condensed and the other sprung out.

The sponge is a spring as after condensed it spring to its original shape.