Group Project

For the Group paper project we struggle initially with coming up with a good idea with the concept of space. Initially we were going to make a solar system but that was quickly shot down and we were told it was to literal. We then brainstormed the idea of making a rocket. This rocket would be adorned with all of our cultures, as we were a very diverse group. These patterns and adornments would be an homage to our ancestors mighty vessels with the designs and decorations covering them.


William Bardebes, who sat in on our class for the day then gave us a piece of advice that really stuck with me.

“A Bow suggests an Arrow, an Arrow suggest a Bow.”

So with this great advice on board we then moved onto the idea of the rocket scaffolding which we would create, playing into space from a different perspective of a void or space being left behind. We then did a quick sketch of what each of us envisioned as the final concept. Lelua’s image (1st picture) depicts a traditional launch pad with scaffolding on each side. Tristan’s image (2nd picture) however depicts the storage facility that holds the rocket which was a new point of view and idea we all liked. A quick google search of rocket storage facilities led me to this beautiful image (3rd picture) of a complex storage facility from NASA. Tristan’s idea as well, the image and talks with the lecturers helped to create our final idea of making a scaffold or mold of what represents us and/or our culture (4th picture).rocket sketch 1rocket sketch 2

scaffoldingrocket sketch 3


So we started work on our molds and boxes. First I created a stencil in Illustrator.Kiwi cut out

I then glued in to six different pieces of cardboard to cut out each of the layers.DSC_0177

Once each layer had been cut out I glued them together created a box around the scarp layers behind to hide them. I spray painted the whole thing white as well as do a few touch ups here and there.DSC_0178

This is the final product of the kiwi. i think it looks pretty good. The only part that isn’t great are the corners which i tried to fix many times but couldn’t improve on them further.

kiwi box close


Individual paper project

I created a earth collashe  using coloured card and cardboard. The purpose of this is to be part of an educational poster/graphic in soon to be the height of space exploration as we leave for mars in the near future. So as focus and interest is set upon the stars a friendly and understandable information source has to be available for the masses to understand and get behind.

My research was done threw examples on pinterest board – Paper Board

The earth is a prototype and example of what the other planets would look like.

earth proto


These are the drawings for the paper project.

This is the 1st of the perspective drawings being 1 point perspective

drawing A5

This is the second Drawing which is 2 point perspective.drawing A1

This is 3 point pespectivedrawing A6

The next three images are my attempts of using atmospheric perspectivedrawing A3drawing A4drawing A2

The next six images are all based on the previous drawings however using base materials of neutral tones such as browns and grays.

The goal for these two images was to use lighter and darker shades than the base material.

drawing B1drawing B3

These images were done on the Found Field.drawing B5drawing B6

In these images we were instructed to use mix media so on the first image i used pastels and the second I added a colour to highlight the centre.drawing B4drawing B2

This images was linked to scale. This picture is 1m tall and 45cm wide. I drew the pot the same size in this image as i did the other previous images to illustrate that scale.Large scale drawing



Grid Influenced Work

The Grid had to start somewhere so, where else than with as single square created form criss crossed linesSKMBT_C28017041810151


I then  used my previous subject while duplicating the basic shape on top of it.

SKMBT_C28017041810160I Then decided to leave behind my previous theme and focus on the grid aspect starting basic

SKMBT_C28017041810391I then created this grid and saw some cool shapes within and wanted to highlight them


I tried to do a similar thing with this grid. I experimented with a different filling tool(the shading lines) which I then use for all my works to come.

SKMBT_C28017041810390I then simplified the grid as it may be too busy and highlighted this new method of filling a shape which looks really good as the lines variation and smudging creates unusual lines and shapes.


This image was an experiment to see how I could apply this technique to other situations and shapes. It was a Success because it introduced me to the smudging lines with a very watered down paint, which I use later on.










This is another experiment solely working on the smudging of line shapes and the different more unusual effect I could attain using the line blocking technique. The composition of this piece is unusual and was mostly up to my sub-concious.



-This drawing is combination of the original grid work and the line technique I have been developing. The design is very centralised, as the lines move out wards from the box they start to split/scatter and fall down wards. The poke-a-dots within the square aid in focusing the centre of the image.


This was another use of the idea of lines breaking off one another  as well as the smudging technique. The composition is very heavily top right orientated and then moves across the top and left edge.


-The next set of six images have the same composition as each other they use a triangular composition going from left to right as the pylons gets smaller it creates the effect of distance and depth with minimal context, this diminishes through out the pieces.


-The bold darkness of this drawing  catches your eye. Other wise it has nothing else going for it.

SKMBT_C28017041810070-The next two images uses the line technique to make it more interesting. If I was going to repeat this image I would have tried to smudge the ink with the watery black paint in the central pylon.

SKMBT_C28017041810101In this image I managed to duplicate the line pattern from the swirling piece before, its very effective and smudging occurs within the central pylon, which was the goal.

SKMBT_C28017041810100-The next two images takes advantage of the compositional effect of leading lines as it takes your eye left to right along the line clusters.












This Image uses the leading lines effect as stated above. It also uses the contrast of the black on white lines to draw your eye to the darker line cluster.

SKMBT_C28017041310270-This image uses a centralised bottom heavy composition and looks like all the lines flake off the original or that all the lines are coming together to create one, that can be left up for interpretation .







I have chosen This piece as a Final as it concluded the run of Tardis Drawing and Began the link to the line drawings. As you can see it uses the lined blocking of colour which is used in the other images as well as the same basic shape repeated over the top of it as if they were Shadows of its self at a different time hinting at the function of this device, The Tardis the flies through space and time.


This image was one of the first Grid Images and kick-started/Inspired the trend of lines in my work as I REALLY liked the way the lines merged together and spread apart as well as smudge making an amazing effect that i wanted to duplicate as well as expand upon in my later work.


This image was chosen because of the context that it had and the realisation (with Richard’s guidance) the lines I wanted to create didn’t need context and allowed me to think from and different perspective.


This Image is in response to my new perspective and is another interpretation of the pylons without the pylons, leaving only the lines. A wash was used to smudge the pen ink as I experimented with this technique in earlier works. It adds to the smudging and joining of lines that is seen in my other works.


Honourable Mention

This image is my Favourite as it has a unusual effect and is a very oblivious example of the lines merging together to create a black spot and ultimately a single line. The random breaks between the lines letting that white space created from somewhat intentional human error is what makes this image great as well as the composition of it being centralised and clustered at the bottom. (The blocks or large pixels are not on the original, this was a side effect of the scanning process)


Created Drawings

These images were the two best image created from my collections. I like the the first image (Sonic Screw drivers) because it looks like someone has broken it and tried to put it back together. The overlapping  pieces of screw driver created a blurred effect almost like your seeing double or through kaleidoscope.

The second Image is reminiscent of a Russian stacking dolls as well as nodding to the function of this device in Doctor Who as it Original could change shape and size to hide. Using different images of the same object allows the image to look more interesting instead of very uniform if i had used the same image with the same angles.


Random Sequenced Images

Here I have put half of the images from each collections into a random order to see if that changes the coherence or meaning behind these.

A connection that is very obvious is that all these images are of toys/collectables as well as being Science fiction based. Because there toys and would be marketed to to children they are relativity colourful. This set best fits the category (C) has a thematic/conceptual coherence. But could also very easily be (A) has a material or visual coherence (theme) as it is all sci-fi related.

(A) has a material or visual coherence (theme)

(B) has a relationship to site / location

(C) has a thematic/conceptual coherence



We were asked to produce 20 images – 2 sequences of 10 images

Three options from which to choose your two ‘collections’

(A) has a material or visual coherence (theme)

(B) has a relationship to site / location

(C) has a thematic/conceptual coherence

My Collections of Doctor Who merchandise fall under (C): has a thematic/conceptual coherence. This is because my collection contains some of doctor who’s most popular/ iconic features, for example: Tardis, Darleks, Sonic Screwdrivers.

My second and downloaded Collection was Transformers toys. This collection could Come under (A) has a material or visual coherence (theme) but more primarily, (C) has a thematic/conceptual coherence. This is because these toys are all brightly coloured and has jagged edgers toys.


Additive and Subtractive Drawings

In the first image I added more tardis’s , a very small one in the middle and a large one on the outside. I also off set  each tardis slightly giving it a swirling effect of or black-hole/ wormhole which is very much apart of doctor who. The second Image I cut the brightest part of the original image out and put a large black circle behind it. This image also ties into the black-hole theme from the other image. I feel that it is a black-hole sucking out all the light leaving only the darkness.


The first image is a messy silhouette of multiple tardis’s within one another.This style is similar to what I do later. The contrast between the hard white silhouette and rough pencil. The second image is a deconstruction of the tardis. My goal was to move away from the tardis as there is only so much you can do with a pop culture icon. However  the lines created contributed to later designs.