I have chosen This piece as a Final as it concluded the run of Tardis Drawing and Began the link to the line drawings. As you can see it uses the lined blocking of colour which is used in the other images as well as the same basic shape repeated over the top of it as if they were Shadows of its self at a different time hinting at the function of this device, The Tardis the flies through space and time.


This image was one of the first Grid Images and kick-started/Inspired the trend of lines in my work as I REALLY liked the way the lines merged together and spread apart as well as smudge making an amazing effect that i wanted to duplicate as well as expand upon in my later work.


This image was chosen because of the context that it had and the realisation (with Richard’s guidance) the lines I wanted to create didn’t need context and allowed me to think from and different perspective.


This Image is in response to my new perspective and is another interpretation of the pylons without the pylons, leaving only the lines. A wash was used to smudge the pen ink as I experimented with this technique in earlier works. It adds to the smudging and joining of lines that is seen in my other works.


Honourable Mention

This image is my Favourite as it has a unusual effect and is a very oblivious example of the lines merging together to create a black spot and ultimately a single line. The random breaks between the lines letting that white space created from somewhat intentional human error is what makes this image great as well as the composition of it being centralised and clustered at the bottom. (The blocks or large pixels are not on the original, this was a side effect of the scanning process)