Antonio Sant’Elia and Futurism

1110c60d30f5bc8fb765e20653e3f2d6 Antonio Sant’Elia was a Italian Futurist Architect. He created marvellous concepts for buildings in 1914.

This image contains what seems to be exposed concrete and structural metal on the outside of five buildings which has been highlighted red using water colour paints. This picture has a centralized composition with the main object being the towers in the middle of the page as well as structural off-shoots to the left of the page and bottom right. Both of these off-shoots cause your eye to  wander into the middle presenting the main focus. The leftward off-shoot almost acts a horizon as it cuts across the page creating two distinct areas in the picture, the towers and the railing below. The lower half of the the image contorts the railing and tunnels as the entrance gets smaller and the divot sneaks between the the two tunnel openings.The building are also contort as they gradually rise in a staircase fashion until they go directly up at the firth step. The towers in this image are almost completely outlined by thick white space, for example the sky and the wall underneath.

This image was born from the futurism movement in Italy during the early twentieth century. This movement encouraged the machine age as well as the  violence and destruction of the first World War. This movement originally started with a poet which captivated many and attracted  not only architects but also musicians and artiest. This Futurism was and images created were the plans for a new world after the old world was wiped clean after the Great War. The old world was not wiped clean and started anew, obviously but the art and ideas remain buried in the dark past of the human race.

Antonio Sant’Elia made many images similar to these all in a similar style of large buildings made with exposed concrete and metal,Bold straight lines and shapes and alot of space around the buildings. For example:main


Moana- Authentic or Not?

Māui in Moana has gotten a lot of flak for being insensitive and wrong.

Māui is a powerful demigod that has achieved a great deal, for example, fishing up islands and stealing fire to gift to the people of the mortal world. So as a favorite in the Polynesian culture when Disney revealed Moana’s side kick Māui, some people weren’t too happy as they thought it was disrespectful to aspects of the culture (for example Maui’s animated tattoos) and that he was portrayed in a less than attractive fashion. On the positive side, many were pleased as this is one of the few times a Polynesian Princess and the Polynesian culture has been put on display to the whole world backed by the enormous distribution of Disney, one of the most powerful entertainment companies in the world. The publicity from Disney and the exposure of the Polynesian culture in the movie will last for decades and will promote the culture in front of millions of families highlighting the beauty and charm of the Polynesian Islands. The film portrays the magical mystery of a tale that will  encourage wanna-be princesses to follow in the foot steps of Moana and visit where she lived.

Then why are people so angry with this film?    Is it because Disney is using another culture to make billions? No, they have done that many times to different cultures, for example: Mulan with China. The aspects that may come under flak from audiences were probably changed for a more acceptable viewing experience to accommodate other cultures and/or children, for example in Moana, Māui performs a lack luster haka, from my experience a haka is a very intimidating thing and would cause most children to be scared and cry and so the answer was to tone the haka down so the kids can also enjoy this aspect of the film.

Polynesia should be pleased and proud to have this film produced and promoted by Disney as it has been very successful, and will continue to be popular for many years. This long lasting advertisement of Polynesia will be helped with toys, books, DVDs and games and can only do good things for the culture and islands of Polynesia.



Me!Me!Me! Its all about Me!

Here are the 5 key words that define me:

Family- I have a loving Mother and Father, Evelyn and Stephen Tanner and a younger Brother, Mathew(Matt) He’s 15 and very moody. I also have a new British Blue kitten, Gracie. She is only 8 months old and has started her mission to murder every cicada in 100m radius of the house. She also loves bringing one to each family member resulting in many being found in strange places! Millie is our 6 year old Shitpoo (Shitsue poodle cross),Ha! She is hyperactive and loves meeting and greeting people almost as much as a tennis ball. We inherited Millie from my Grandparents as they moved into Edmund Hillary Retirement Village.

Media- I am a media junkie,like most of my generation. I love games, comics, anime and movies. My favorite games at the moment are Overwatch for its many characters and addictive loot box reward system and Awesomnauts for its platforming and Dota-like Gameplay. Both games have a large hero rooster allowing for many variations in team composition and play style. I enjoy all comics, overall I’m a DC fan as i have grown up with Batman and superman in front of me and I’m currently reading an indie comic called “Tomboy”. I got into anime in 2013 and haven’t looked back i enjoy it for its vast genres as theirs is always something to watch in every genre. Movies I like is because of the amazing stories that are being told especially now since we’re the golden age of comic book movies.

Experience- I love traveling as its in my Blood both parents used to work at separate Airlines and meet through work. My Dad  still works for for airlines and gets to travel amazing places every so often. Because of my Dads Connections I’ve been to many place including Hawaii, LA and Australia. We also love traveling through New Zealand our favorites being Rotoura and Mangawhai.

Past- Whats happened so far? I’ve was educated at Meadowbank Primary School from late 2003 to 2009. I finished there and moved on to Remuera Intermediate (RI) where i spent 2 years (2010-2011). My high-school was Auckland Grammar School where i focused on art and design and finished in 2016. Finally I’m attending Unitec where i hope to succeed in my BCE!

Food- I love most foods, I may be a bit of a picky eater but I’ll give most things a go. I’m currently looking for the best french toast and pancakes. My results so far is the french toast from the Remuera Local and the  pancakes from Charlie and George in Stonefields.

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