Collections- Doctor Who


This essay talks about my exhibition collection about Doctor who and my interaction with the franchise

Artist label

Liam Tanner

Doctor Who, 2011


Dimensions Variable


I started watching doctor who in 2011 at the height of Matt Smith’s run as the Doctor and was instantly invested in the characters and franchise. I began buying the merchandise shortly after starting the show and I haven’t stopped since. This collection is important to me because they hold the memories of my childhood.

Collection Essay



Noho Marae – Doggy

This is the item i brought to the Noho Marae. His name is Doggy and is the oldest toy I have. I  got doggy shortly after i was born and he has watched over me since I then. The emotional bond I have with Doggy is immense and that’s why I choose him to share with the class.

My artist label:

Liam Tanner

Doggy, 1998

Stuffed Dog Toy


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