Animation: Week 5

Here is where we did some rotoscoping on a chosen video. Rotoscoping is the drawing/editing of individual frames in a video. This week we also created a poster for our animation using photoshop.

I did the skate Boarding video


Movie Poster



Animation: Week 1

The first lesson we were introduced to story boarding. We wrote a script and and drew story boards. (I do not know how to write a script)

The script- The golden seeded Tree

  • Golden seeds in tree
  • Croc circles/protects tree and therefore gold
  • Adventurers spot the golden seeds
  • Boat drives towards tree
  • Croc attacks the boat and motor
  • Spear girl hops from boat to croc to tree
  • knife guy jumps on croc, attacking it
  • Fight/distraction occurs
  • Man dies in noble sacrafice
  • Spear girl is sad

Moral of the story – Greed Kills

Here is my story boards

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