Shape: Week 1

On the first week we chose a shape. I chose a tetrahedron, a four sided pyramid shape.

I then drew the shape using line and tone separately.

shape tone/line


Individual paper project

I created a earth collashe  using coloured card and cardboard. The purpose of this is to be part of an educational poster/graphic in soon to be the height of space exploration as we leave for mars in the near future. So as focus and interest is set upon the stars a friendly and understandable information source has to be available for the masses to understand and get behind.

My research was done threw examples on pinterest board – Paper Board

The earth is a prototype and example of what the other planets would look like.

earth proto

Perspective: Group 4

Week 4 was my group. power point link- ArtAndTechnology

This is were we talked about the relationship between art and technology and I was in charge of “future trends”

my speaking notes

If we were to go down the digital side we would have 3D spaces in VR/AR and holograms both flat and 3D

If we were to go down the physical route we could have creations with Nano bots (Interactive?) they could have LED’s- simulates sculpting with light

The next stage in tattoos- light up/flashing they could disappear or be interactive- put a gif on your arm

Why stop at tattoos? Why couldn’t you have a hologram projector put on your arm to create a traditional Japanese Dragon tattoo that moves and breaths fire? Moving wings on your back?
Maybe in the far future body part replacement will be an art form with customization


Ive always struggled talking in front of people but as I have matured and learned in these classes I have been able to speak up and do my part. I still get nervous each time I do have to talk in front of everyone but its not as bad as the crippling stage fight I have had in the past.