Individual paper project

I created a earth collashe  using coloured card and cardboard. The purpose of this is to be part of an educational poster/graphic in soon to be the height of space exploration as we leave for mars in the near future. So as focus and interest is set upon the stars a friendly and understandable information source has to be available for the masses to understand and get behind.

My research was done threw examples on pinterest board – Paper Board

The earth is a prototype and example of what the other planets would look like.

earth proto


These are the drawings for the paper project.

This is the 1st of the perspective drawings being 1 point perspective

drawing A5

This is the second Drawing which is 2 point perspective.drawing A1

This is 3 point pespectivedrawing A6

The next three images are my attempts of using atmospheric perspectivedrawing A3drawing A4drawing A2

The next six images are all based on the previous drawings however using base materials of neutral tones such as browns and grays.

The goal for these two images was to use lighter and darker shades than the base material.

drawing B1drawing B3

These images were done on the Found Field.drawing B5drawing B6

In these images we were instructed to use mix media so on the first image i used pastels and the second I added a colour to highlight the centre.drawing B4drawing B2

This images was linked to scale. This picture is 1m tall and 45cm wide. I drew the pot the same size in this image as i did the other previous images to illustrate that scale.Large scale drawing



Collections- Doctor Who


This essay talks about my exhibition collection about Doctor who and my interaction with the franchise

Artist label

Liam Tanner

Doctor Who, 2011


Dimensions Variable


I started watching doctor who in 2011 at the height of Matt Smith’s run as the Doctor and was instantly invested in the characters and franchise. I began buying the merchandise shortly after starting the show and I haven’t stopped since. This collection is important to me because they hold the memories of my childhood.

Collection Essay


Perspective: Summit Highlights

What was the Most impressive technology you saw?

I really enjoyed the Visual language technology presentation and especially Debbie’s part she explained how with modern technology and the frequent use of emoji’s children and teens are becoming illiterate. Debbie then made the connection with symbol based language like the hieroglyphics from Egypt  and emojis theorizing this new language of the latest generation could be the way forward.



What was the Most Scary technology you saw?

The scariest technology by far was the Artificial Intelligence (AI). I learnt that a google AI has been tasked to create its own AI. This is scary because of the exponential growth that will occur if it creates a very good AI better than anything we have seen up until this point.



Which Technology will you most likely use in your Creative Career?

Clearly the most likely used technology will be “technology and Media”. This is because as technology grows and the internet develops society will become more and more integrated directly into the web. 25 years ago the best way to spreed the word was via word of mouth or TV, Nowadays with enough of a following your “tweet” can be view by millions of people around the world in a matter of seconds. So as a Designer why wouldn’t you want that same exposure?

Perspective: Summit Presentation

Since everyone had Presented in the weeks before hand we were tasked to create 7-8 groups and make a short 10 minute presentation of a topic provided to us by Dan.

Our options were :

  1. AI
  2. Animation
  3. Digital Advertising
  4. Digital Assets
  5. Digital Environments
  6. Digital Marketing
  7. Game Design
  8. Game Programming
  9. Gaming
  10. Information Design
  11. Interactive Design
  12. Media & The Web
  13. Media Innovation
  14. Mobile Software
  15. Multimedia
  16. Multimedia Applications
  17. Production
  18. Technology & Media
  19. Transmedia Storytelling
  20. UX (User Experience)
  21. Visual & Game Programming
  22. Visual Effects
  23. Visual Language
  24. Web Development

We chose Interactive Design and here is the Power Point we produced:

Team 7

I was in charge of the scary stuff slide and learnt many thing about the world of interactive design the most amazing of which is that anyone with an internet connection and device can create a website about anything and the design of said website can be done so poorly that you question the persons sanity. Kind of ironic, no?

shit website.PNG
Rover p6 cars

The Perspective Module has really widened my horizons with all the presentations done by all the groups I have learnt many thing and now know what to look for in the future. Clearly half of being a successful person is being able to identify whats to come in the future and to jump on small markets with potential now like VR while its still in its infancy as that market is only going to grow from now on.



Perspective: Group 5

This weeks class presentation was all about future technologies and there effects. The Moot was:

In the future, there would be no need for human’s in the workplace for we would be replaced by technology

The class discussion consisted of

-Robots can’t create truly new idea’s

-A growing population will demand jobs

-Traditional sports will still require athletes

-there will be “traditionalists” that won’t support robot work.

I disagree with the moot because technology don’t seem to have a limit to the potential it holds and eventually for comforts and cost sake we will give in to the robot work force and you can see it already in , for example, car manufactures with there robot arms instead of humans.



Noho Marae – Doggy

This is the item i brought to the Noho Marae. His name is Doggy and is the oldest toy I have. I  got doggy shortly after i was born and he has watched over me since I then. The emotional bond I have with Doggy is immense and that’s why I choose him to share with the class.

My artist label:

Liam Tanner

Doggy, 1998

Stuffed Dog Toy


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Rapid Design

As I was away the week that we had this session, Shane was my fill in partner and luckily helped me throughout the process and filled in any gaps in my Knowledge.

gift 1+2Gift3+4Gift5+6gift 7

We were then tasked to answer one of three questions. I choose “What was the most challenging part of the process for you?”

I found the initial ideas the hardest to come up with and this is a trend in all my work but once i have that first idea I think I expand on it well.